FDA advisers vote in favor of giving children aged 5-11 a lower-dose Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

Follow RT on An outside advisory panel to the US Food and Drug Administration has voted in favor of approving a smaller-dose Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA Covid-19 vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11, saying benefits outweighed the risks. The FDA vaccines advisory committee overwhelmingly agreed with Pfizer’s proposal on Tuesday, with 17 votes in favor, no one opposed […]

Rioters, looters or arsonists: Prosecution can’t refer to people Kyle Rittenhouse shot as ‘victims,’ judge rules

Follow RT on With Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial about to begin, a Wisconsin judge gave the teenager’s defense team a surprising bonus, ruling that the three men he shot can’t be called “victims,” but can be called rioters, looters, and arsonists. Ahead of Rittenhouse’s trial next week, Judge Bruce Schroeder laid out some last-minute ground rules on Tuesday, with his judgements […]

YouTube competitor Rumble acquires subscription-based platform Locals in free-speech-focused expansion bid

Follow RT on Cloud-based video platform Rumble has announced its acquisition of Locals, a platform based on subscriptions which has attracted many creators alienated by YouTube’s increasingly strict censorship of views outside the mainstream. Rumble celebrated its acquisition of the two-year-old Locals platform on Tuesday, its CEO Chris Pavlovski declaring “We are building the rails to a new tech ecosystem […]

‘Rust’ Assistant Director was FIRED from another movie set before Alec Baldwin shooting – reports

Follow RT on The assistant director who assured actor Alec Baldwin that the gun he used to fatally shoot a cinematographer was safe was previously fired from another film set following a firearms accident, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Dave Halls was “removed from set” after “a crew member incurred a minor and temporary injury when a gun was unexpectedly […]

Loudoun County ‘boy in a skirt’ found GUILTY of girls’ bathroom sex assault as school boards’ actions trigger walkouts

Follow RT on The ‘gender-fluid’ student who assaulted a teen in the girls’ bathroom at a Virginia high school has been found guilty of the assault. Parents, whom the school told there was no incident, are demanding apologies from the district. Juvenile Court judge Pamela Brooks on Monday found the “boy in a skirt” – whose name has not been […]

Biden losing Democrats and independents alike with poor post-pandemic economic recovery – poll

Follow RT on Americans are losing confidence in President Biden’s ability to steer the US out of the Covid-19 pandemic. With Biden’s ratings in freefall, a new poll shows Democrats and independents both losing faith in an economic upturn. Fewer than half of all Americans (44%) are confident that Biden can “ensure a quick post-pandemic economic recovery,” according to an […]

Zuckerberg claims Facebook is victim of ‘coordinated media effort’ to tarnish its image with leaked documents

Follow RT on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pushed back against the recent slew of bad press about the tech giant, blaming a “coordinated effort” by the media to “paint a false picture” of the company by “selectively [using] leaked documents.” During Facebook’s third-quarter earnings call on Monday, Zuckerberg told investors that the ongoing spate of reportage based on leaked documents […]

2 killed in Idaho shopping mall shooting, responding officer injured in shootout as suspect’s motives & identity remain unknown

Follow RT on Two people were killed and another four injured, including a police officer, during a shooting at a Boise, Idaho mall, with law enforcement stating a brief firefight erupted with the suspect before they were brought into custody. Officers responded to reports of shots fired at the Boise Towne Square Mall Just before 2pm local time on Monday, […]

Blue Origin unveils futuristic sketches of orbital station as Jeff Bezos hopes to ‘reimagine living & working in space by 2030’

Follow RT on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin says it is leading a project to create the world’s first commercially operated space station, hoping to launch the “business park” – which will be open to tourists – into low orbit by the end of the decade. Bezos’ aerospace firm and its partner Sierra Space unveiled the plans on Monday in a […]

‘Mad scientists playing God’: Florida’s DeSantis calls for Fauci to be fired for ‘dangerous & cruel’ experiments on dogs

Follow RT on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has joined the chorus of US lawmakers lashing out at White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci for funding ‘hazardous’ virus research and ‘despicable’ experiments on dogs. At issue are Fauci’s decisions as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a unit of the National Institute of Health (NIH), […]

WATCH: City employees in New York march across Brooklyn Bridge, stall traffic, in protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandate

Follow RT on Thousands of New York police, firefighters and other city employees took to the streets to protest against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Covid-19 jab order, marching across the Brooklyn Bridge and blocking off traffic. Footage of the protest posted Monday on social media shows long streams of workers marching across the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, shutting down […]

Disavow memo labeling parents ‘domestic terrorists,’ House GOP asks DOJ amid report school board executive got rewarded for it

Follow RT on A group of House Republicans is demanding the Justice Department revoke its memo targeting parents criticizing school boards, as the letter it was based on was disavowed even while one of its authors was rewarded with a sinecure. Attorney General Merrick Garland should “fully and unequivocally withdraw” the October 4 memorandum instructing the DOJ to target parents […]

‘Playing with our free speech’: Author of anti-Biden rap ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ CENSORED by YouTube talks to RT after TOPPING US chart

Follow RT on One can’t find Bryson Gray’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on YouTube or Instagram, but the rap track using the meme phrase to criticize US President Joe Biden has surged past Adele’s new single to become the most popular on iTunes. “I don’t even curse, and I’m the most censored rapper in the world. How is that possible?” Gray […]

‘Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people’: Donald Trump Jr’s sarcastic T-shirt slogan reignites feud with liberal actor

Follow RT on The accidental on-set killing of a cinematographer by long-time Donald Trump critic Alec Baldwin has not escaped the eldest son of the 45th president, who used it to make a new addition to his politically-charged fashion line. The shirt, apparently mocking the anti-Trump, pro-gun control actor in the wake of the accidental shooting, was unveiled by Donald […]

Facebook tells staff to expect ‘more bad headlines’ amid DAMNING reports based on whistleblower leaks – media

Follow RT on Facebook has reportedly told staffers to “steel [themselves]” against “more bad headlines” in the “coming days” amid the ongoing publication of critical news articles citing internal reports leaked by whistleblower Frances Haugen. In a memo sent on Saturday, which was seen by Axios, Facebook Vice-President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg apparently warned employees that the news coverage […]

Fauci slams Rand Paul’s claims US-funded bat virus research led to Covid-19 after senator demands his firing amid longstanding row

Follow RT on White House Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has lashed out at claims made by Senator Rand Paul that US-funded bat virus research in China could have spawned Covid-19, rebuffing the idea as “molecularly impossible.” Speaking on Sunday to ABC News, Fauci blasted accusations made by Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had funded […]

‘Get Breitbart out of News Tab’: Facebook employees were hostile towards BLM reports by conservative outlets, leaked docs reveal

Follow RT on Leaked internal messages from a Facebook staff chat board reportedly show that some workers at the social media giant had wanted to suppress “very negative” coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement by conservative news outlets. In a message titled “Get Breitbart out of News Tab” and posted on the company’s racial-justice chat board last year, an […]

Florida Governor DeSantis to offer $5,000 hiring bonus for police who lose jobs due to vaccine mandates in other states

Follow RT on Republican-controlled states are increasingly trying to recruit law enforcement officers who lose their jobs because of Covid-19 jab mandates, and Florida may soon up the ante by offering displaced cops a $5,000 relocation bonus. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told Fox News on Sunday that he hopes to sign legislation authorizing the hiring bonuses as part of an […]

Obama accuses Republicans of trying to ‘RIG’ elections by passing laws requiring voters to show identification

Follow RT on Barack Obama has accused Republicans of trying to ‘rig’ elections by passing state voter ID laws – an ironic claim for an ex-president who blasted successor Donald Trump for suggesting the 2016 White House race could be gamed. “You have to ask yourself: Why is it that Republicans don’t want you to vote?” Obama asked on Saturday […]

24yo head armorer on Alec Baldwin’s movie set described as ‘a bit careless with the guns’ at previous job – media

Follow RT on The armorer who was preparing prop guns at the set of Alec Baldwin’s movie ‘Rust’ was reportedly seen doing her job in an unsafe manner on an earlier production, including handing an unchecked gun to a child actress. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, was working her second production as head armorer when actor and producer Baldwin accidentally shot dead […]

Twitter’s Dorsey warns of surging inflation after his platform ‘mistakenly’ censors GOP lawmaker’s video about… inflation

Follow RT on Jack Dorsey may have to censor himself after the Twitter CEO tweeted that hyperinflation will soon grip the US and global economies. The observation, which does not align with the mainstream media narrative, drew pushback online. Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening. — jack⚡️ (@jack) October 23, 2021 “Hyperinflation is going to change everything,” Dorsey […]

Washington Post mocked for claiming Biden suffering through ‘vulgar taunts’ on ‘another level’ from other politicians

Follow RT on The Washington Post earned US President Joe Biden little sympathy with a piece claiming that the increasing “vulgar taunts” are “on another level,” compared to the usual insults politicians face. “The current eruption of anti-Biden signs and chants,” the Post’s piece claims, is “far more vulgar and widespread” than the heated responses recent presidents such as Donald […]

GTA fans notice Confederate flag removed in remastered version, say developers have ‘become the thing they mocked for so long’

Follow RT on A depiction of a Confederate flag has been apparently scrubbed from a remastered version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The omission is a puzzling one for a series so renowned for courting controversy. Rockstar Games’ ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series is known for its blend of gratuitous violence with dark satire and toilet humor. While other developers […]

Sick puppies: Fauci under fire from lawmakers after reports of US taxpayer money spent on cruel drug experiments on dogs

Follow RT on Members of Congress are demanding answers from White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci after it came to light that his agency funded experiments that included cutting the vocal cords of beagle puppies to silence their cries. “We write with grave concerns about reports of costly, cruel and unnecessary taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs commissioned by the National […]

Migrant caravan breaks through Mexican police as Biden blasted for claiming he hasn’t had time to visit border (VIDEO)

Follow RT on A migrant caravan made up of thousands has broken through Mexican security forces attempting to stop them from making it to the US border on the heels of US President Joe Biden saying he lacks the time to actually go there. Thousands of migrants gathered in Tapachula, near the Mexico-Guatemala border, and are now making their way […]

‘Halyna inspired us all’: Husband of cinematographer shot dead by Alec Baldwin shares tribute to wife after tragedy

Follow RT on Halyna Hutchins’ “legacy is too meaningful to encapsulate in words,” tweeted the cinematographer’s grieving husband, after Hutchins was fatally wounded by a loaded prop gun fired by actor Alec Baldwin. “Halyna inspired us all with her passion and vision, and her legacy is too meaningful to encapsulate in words,” Matt Hutchins tweeted on Saturday. Describing the loss […]

School district offers ‘parental opt-out’ for mask mandate after reports about forced masking of Down Syndrome child

Follow RT on A Florida school district has altered its mask mandate to include a “parental opt-out,” a change it says is due to falling Covid-19 cases. However, it also follows allegations of child abuse. Brevard County Schools announced this week the mask mandate change was always part of its plan and comes as the county sees a reduction in […]