‘Get rid of that bull***t!’ Annoyed to see Trump legacy persist, liberals freak out at SPACE FORCE FLAG at Biden inauguration

Follow RT on The sight of a US Space Force flag at Joe Biden’s inauguration irked Trump critics, with some of them calling for the military branch created by the former president to be thrown in the dustbin along with the rest of his legacy. “I’m still shaking my head at the Space Force logo,” ‘Star Trek’ actor and liberal […]

Media & Democrats praise Biden’s ‘greatest since JFK’ inaugural speech, but defeated Republicans appear unconvinced

Follow RT on President Joe Biden’s inaugural speech, filled with appeals to “unity” and “decency” if all Americans fall in line with his policies, had a Fox News host gushing with praise but didn’t seem to win over rank and file conservatives. In a 20-minute speech after taking his oath of office on Wednesday, the 46th US president pledged to […]

‘Next superspreader event?’ Americans fret over slipping masks & lack of social distancing at Biden inauguration

Follow RT on Liberals spent last year bashing Donald Trump’s rallies as “superspreader” events, and potential coronavirus catastrophes. But some commenters spotted danger at Joe Biden’s muted inauguration ceremony. Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony on Wednesday was a low-key affair. With the National Mall closed to crowds, ostensibly given the threat of Covid-19, and the Capitol sealed off from the public […]

NYT editor apparently deactivates Twitter account after being ridiculed for tweeting ‘I HAVE CHILLS’ when Biden plane landed

Follow RT on New York Times editor Lauren Wolfe’s giddy excitement over the arrival of Joe Biden’s plane near Washington on Tuesday sparked so much mockery that she has seemingly gone into social-media hiding, deactivating her Twitter account. “Biden landing at Joint Base Andrews now,” Wolfe tweeted. “I have chills.” The comment was reminiscent of past mainstream-media emoting of adoration […]

In inaugural speech, Biden tells Americans to unite behind ‘truth,’ reject ‘manufactured’ facts & end ‘uncivil war’

Follow RT on Demanding unity to get the US through the “dark winter” of the pandemic, racism, and attacks on “our democracy,” Joe Biden pledged to be a president for all Americans in an inaugural speech echoing his campaign talking points. “This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge, and unity is the way forward,” Biden said, after being […]

‘Happy old man’: Greta Thunberg trolls Trump one last time, wishes ex-president a ‘wonderful future’

Follow RT on Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has revived her long-running Twitter feud with Donald Trump, turning his words around to call him “a very happy old man” with a “bright and wonderful future.” “He seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful future,” Thunberg tweeted, posting a picture of Trump departing the […]

Georgia congresswoman believes Parkland school massacre was ‘false flag planned shooting’

Follow RT on Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene believes that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, was a “false flag” operation. In newly surfaced Facebook posts from May 2018, the Georgia politician questioned why Scot Peterson, the disgraced cop who infamously stayed outside the school during the attack, was receiving $8,702 per month in a state […]

Did a military band really play ‘Hit the Road Jack’ outside the White House? Trump critics share DOCTORED video with glee

Follow RT on Former NBA player Rex Chapman and numerous others have shared a doctored video with millions of social media followers of the White House band supposedly performing the song ‘Hit the Road Jack’ ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. “Perfect. Trump’s last day. The Military Band right outside the White House – ‘Hit The Road Jack,’” Chapman, who has […]

THOUSANDS of Moderna Covid vaccine doses spoil in Maine & Michigan due to temperature control issues

Follow RT on More than 15,000 doses of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine have been deemed likely unusable by health authorities in Maine and Michigan, after both states failed to properly store batches of the drug. In a press release, Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services said that it had been notified by a medical supplies company hired to deliver the […]

Biden sends immigration bill to Congress, promises more visas & more diversity in reversal of Trump policies

Follow RT on Incoming President Joe Biden has sent a bumper immigration bill to Congress. The bill promises a total reversal of Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policies, citizenship for millions of immigrants, and a huge foreign aid package. President-elect Joe Biden has long promised to undo President Donald Trump’s hardline immigration policies, and made good on that promise on Tuesday. […]

Trump says he ‘will be back in some form’ & wishes Biden’s administration luck in farewell ceremony

Follow RT on Donald Trump has delivered his final speech as US president, praising his administration for laying the foundation for future success for Joe Biden and promising to stay in American political life. The outgoing US president and first lady spoke to a group of supporters on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration as Trump’s successor in the White […]

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Epstein court hearing HACKED by 14,000 QAnon followers

Follow RT on A court hearing involving Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell was interrupted after it was unlawfully live-streamed to thousands of followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory. The hearing to unseal documents from a bombshell 2015 civil lawsuit against accused sex trafficker Maxwell ground to a halt on Tuesday when the presiding judge was informed that the proceedings […]

Flag-packed National Mall, razor wire & military patrols give off surreal vibes ahead of Biden’s ‘virtual’ inauguration (PHOTOS)

Follow RT on Americans have been told to stay home for Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, but the capital is far from empty. The presence of thousands of troops, and even more flags, has set the stage for a highly unusual Inauguration Day. Hours before he is set to become the 46th president of the United States of America, Biden hosted […]

‘He pardoned it’: Americans rip Trump for failing to ‘drain the swamp’ as he rescinds lobbying ban on his way out

Follow RT on Many social media users, including some who were once supporters, tore into outgoing President Donald Trump during his final hours in office. Trump received backlash for failing to “Drain the Swamp” as promised, by revoking a lobbying ban and pardoning a list of US establishment figures. He had repeatedly promised to “Drain the Swamp,” a reference to […]

Biden’s Homeland Security pick vows to confront ‘domestic extremists’ as media clamor to pin ‘terrorist’ label on Capitol rioters

Follow RT on President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Department of Homeland Security has pledged to tackle “domestic extremism” amid growing calls in the press to treat those who stormed the US Capitol as homegrown “terrorists.” Biden’s DHS hopeful, Alejandro Mayorkas, told the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday that he would address the issue of domestic extremism if […]

DC mayor calls to TERMINATE National Guardsmen with ‘conflicting views’ before inauguration, requests machine guns for security

Follow RT on Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser set a chilling standard for what might make someone a terrorist threat, saying soldiers in the US capital must vow “allegiance to their mission” of guarding President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Bowser spoke to reporters on Tuesday regarding the thousands of National Guardsmen being brought to the District of Columbia from all across the […]

Trump declassifies ‘binder of materials’ related to Russiagate probe, but caves to FBI & keeps saucy bits secret

Follow RT on A binder full of documents pertaining to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation into claims that President Donald Trump “colluded” with Russia in 2016 may yet see the light of day, but with crucial passages still redacted. The Justice Department provided Trump with the documents on December 30, but the FBI took until this past Sunday to review […]

With time running out, pressure grows on Trump to pardon Assange amid reports that aides persuaded him not to do so

Follow RT on The rising tide of calls for US President Donald Trump to pardon WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange could be for naught, amid mainstream media reports his aides persuaded him not to do so in a last-ditch bid to appease critics. With Joe Biden scheduled to be sworn in as president at noon on Wednesday, Trump was reportedly preparing […]

Google EXTENDS Trump’s YouTube ban for at least another week as ‘Borat’ actor urges PERMANENT bans to ‘stop HATE’

Follow RT on Outgoing US President Donald Trump will remain banned from uploading or live-streaming on his YouTube channel for at least a week, Google said amid a mounting campaign to make the deplatforming permanent. “In light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, the Donald J. Trump channel will be prevented from uploading new videos or livestreams for […]

Ex-Guantanamo chief prosecutor calls for ‘DOMESTIC WAR ON SEDITION,’ suggests GOP congressman more guilty than Gitmo detainees

Follow RT on Retired US Air Force Col. Moe Davis spent years prosecuting alleged Islamist terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, but now his sights are set on domestic threats, including the Republican congressman who beat him in the 2020 election. “I was chief prosecutor at Guantanamo for over two years, and there’s far more evidence of Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s guilt than […]

12 US Army National Guard members kicked off inauguration detail for alleged ‘extremist ties’

Follow RT on A dozen of the 25,000 National Guard troops tasked with providing security for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony have been removed for connections with ‘right-wing extremist elements,’ sources claim. The 12 service members were removed from the detail after alleged ties with right-wing militia groups or “extremist” material they’d shared online were discovered, two military and intelligence […]

CNN airs guide to DEPROGRAM MAGA SUPPORTERS as cult expert claims ENTIRE country needs post-Trump help

Follow RT on As calls to “deprogram” Trump supporters mount, CNN has hosted a former Moonie-turned-professional deprogrammer who suggested the whole nation had been “negatively influenced” and needed help. Viewers were not eager to sign up. Cult expert Steven Hassan was on Tuesday brought on CNN to advise on how to deprogram members of what he described in his 2019 […]

‘Islamic State-inspired’ US soldier arrested over alleged plot to bomb American troops and attack NYC 9/11 Memorial

Follow RT on An American soldier has been arrested on terrorism charges, including suggesting wiring explosives into buildings as part of an Islamic State plot to kill US troops, as well as allegedly planning an attack on the 9/11 Memorial. Ohio man Cole James Bridges, 20, was held in Georgia on Tuesday, and is charged with the assistance of a […]

Olympic swimming champion apologizes for role in Capitol riot, but leftists are still demanding that his medals be stripped away

Follow RT on Former Olympic swimmer Klete Keller has apologized for taking part in the US Capitol riot, but leftists are still demanding the unprecedented step of taking away his medals because of his alleged crimes. “He apologized to me,” former US national team coach Mark Schubert told the New York Times. “He kept repeating, ‘You’ve done so much for […]